Top ranking for innovation

  • G-Bat, the updated version of the Euro Bat, provides state-of-the-art technology, top performance and safe efficiency.
  • For G-Bat we selected only the best components, guaranteeing a long-running, flawless performance.

Winning reliability

  • The sturdy inner kinematic mechanism which comprises a bronze crown/steel worm screw, guarantees a long life and, therefore, a high number of openings/cycles.
  • Protection class IP54.

Its strength lies in its simplicity

  • Available both with right- and left-hand opening; this allows an installation as close to the hinge as possible without the need for building work.
  • The axial thrust enables greater power and allows opening of gate leafs up to 4m.
  • The automatic release is easy to find and activate.

Top versatility

  • This product is available in 230V and 24V versions with a 24V ENV with virtual encoder.
  • The 24V versions can be equipped with a backup battery (optional) which allows the gate to be opened in case of power failure.

Careful attention to design

  • The automation’s dynamic and elegant style follows the evolution of modern design.
  • It is possible to add a rod cover case for the L 300 version (optional).

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